Great question! This summit is obviously gear toward women who are dealing with hormonal symptoms; however, many of the suggestions around inflammation, stress, and self-care are helpful for men as well.

Women in their 20s and 30s: You will be especially interested in the tips surrounding self-care, inflammation, hormonal cycles, and stress!

Women in their 40s and 50s: This summit is bursting with information that you will use daily, from tips on hot flashes, unexplained weight gain, moodiness, and other unpleasant hormonal issues that can crop up at this time. Don't miss this treasure trove of solutions!

Women past menopause (60s, 70s, 80s, 90s): This summit is made for you as well! You will be interested in the tips on healthy eating, self-care, and balancing hormones when you are past menopause.

Women who are on bioidentical hormone therapy (BHT): Dr. Mariza put together this summit specifically for you--you're doing everything you can to get hormone relief and you've come to the right place! This summit is full of tips for helping to naturally balance your hormones, and these can be used even while you are on bioidentical hormones. 

Women who have had hysterectomies: While the summit is geared more toward ladies who are dealing with "natural" hormonal changes, there are still plenty of tips that would apply to you. You are technically in menopause now, simply because "menopause" means that you no longer menstruate or produce those hormones in your ovaries. The part of the summit that will be most helpful for you is lifestyle (food recommendations, gut health, etc.), and learning about any symptoms you may be experiencing (anxiety, fatigue, brain fog, etc.). 

Men: Men need to stay healthy too, so there are absolutely some tips that apply to men as well as women. Managing symptoms of imbalanced hormones such as stress, lack of energy, difficulty with focus, brain fog, and many others is totally possible using the methods mentioned in the talks, and they absolutely apply to men and women both! However, women will find the most benefit from the summit, as it more closely aligns with what they are likely to experience.